Next Meeting is ​Sunday, June 9th at 9 AM

Rally Recon 

in Blue River, OR 
To review and test ride rally routes, then meet back in afternoon to finalize  

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Do you feel the attraction every time you see a classic motorcycle on display?  Does the sound of a vintage motorcycle firing to life take you back to a summer night decades ago?

Then check us out.  Come to a meeting.  Send us a question or two.

You only need an interest  in old bikes to join.

There’s always been something about the elegance and simplicity of the motorcycle. It’s motorized transportation reduced to its bare essentials—an engine, a seat and two wheels, with a rider perched aboard, enjoying the view over the handlebars.

Oregon Trail Chapter

of the

Antique Motorcycle Club of America

   "Old Motorcyles don't leak, they mark their spot."

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