The Oregon Trail Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts hoping to preserve motorcycle history. The club welcomes anyone interested in getting to know the people who ride, preserve, and enjoy antique motorcycles. Antique motorcycle ownership is not required to join the club.

Started in 1991, the Oregon Trail Chapter includes members from California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. Monthly meetings take place at throughout the state at selected sites.  Join the club for details.

We take our old machines out for occasional dinner rides, meet for "garage crawls," and after-meeting rides. We also have larger events, like our annual Road Run/Rally. The club has hosted rallys at the Casino in Grand Ronde, John Day, at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, on the McKenzie River Hwy east of Eugene, and in Cottage Grove, to name a few.

The club members enjoy motorcycle riding, these old machines, and riding in the beautiful Northwest. Even if you do not yet own an antique bike, join us for the camaraderie of other members with similar interests, to gain great intel on restoring a bike, or perhaps share your knowledge with us. Visit the national Antique Motorcycle Club of America website at

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   "Old Motorcyles don't leak, they mark their spot"

Oregon Trail Chapter